“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”… These well-known words, attributed to Picasso, aptly encapsulate the Altanza spirit. In our estate, the 160 ha vineyard and 50 ha olive grove are carefully managed throughout the year. Grapes from each terroir in the vineyard are destined to a wine of our range, according to their character. Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities and nine French-oak vats, we are able to ensure refined and personalized winemaking. For ageing, we prefer French-oak barrels, always striving for an elegant, complex bouquet where fruit and oak aromas blend smoothly. Our wines symbolize the loyalty inspired by Rioja’s rich winemaking tradition, but also the loyalty due to the current and more demanding consumer. Founded in 1998 as synonym of quality and balance, dedicated mainly to top reserva wines, Bodegas Altanza is a winery that emerges being distinguished for its identity, passion, the know-how and creativity producing great wines like the Collection of Spanish Artists. From the very beginning we did not want to be only another winery offering beautiful labels; we wanted to offer more than that. For example selecting only the most representative Spanish Artists for our luxury collection (Miró – Dalí – Gaudí - Goya), though it took time and effort to get the permission. The young team of Bodegas Altanza has been working hard since the beginning getting to be the first reference of Spanish wine selling in China, and exporting more than 60% nowadays. We are a winery characterised by having a nostalgic but selective traditional component and we are a winery that characterises by having adapted to new times (English critics call it "new wave riojas") investing in technology and offering elegant wines, aged mainly in French oak. Our wines remain nonetheless easy to drink and food-friendly, something that has given Rioja its reputation as a world wine region. Offering quality wines and by drinking LEALTANZA (name which actually comes from old Spanish and means LOYALTY) we are also introducing our clients into the magical word of wine, transmitting them our passion for the wine making, for our land, for our illusion, for our Tempranillo, for our culture, for our food, for our music, for our favourite sport, for our fiesta…


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CAPITOSO 2013 750ml 赤ワイン テンプラニーリョ
LEALTANZA CRIANZA 2012 750ml 赤ワイン テンプラニーリョ
LEALTANZA RESERVA 2010 750ml 赤ワイン テンプラニーリョ
HACIENDA VALVARES CRIANZA 2011 750ml 赤ワイン テンプラニーリョ
CLUB LEALTANZA RESERVA 2008 750ml 赤ワイン テンプラニーリョ(古樹葡萄)
LEALTANZA ARTE RESERVA GOYA 2008 750ml 赤ワイン テンプラニーリョ(古樹葡萄)