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Enosis Srl Unipersonale

Enosis Ltd. Company is a representative agency, founded in 2007 as a company specializing in import and export services of wine products with high quality standards. The products are carefully selected by Enosis with the precious collaboration of the producers we address to and which allow us to grow more and more. Over the years Enosis became a point of reference for an important selection of Italian wine products. Enosis Ltd. Co. represents the following exclusive products: wines, sparkling wines, champagne, spirits and fortified wines, all of them as high quality products. Enosis Ltd. guarantees the supply of our selected products with great care and attention to the customer. At the heart of our commitment there is the desire to provide full customer service with the request for a subsequent feedback regarding the purchased product.


Carlo Dugo
viale degli Astri 35 00144


Corte dei Venti
Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2014 750ml 赤ワイン サンジョベーゼ・グロッソ
Silvana IGT 2016 750ml 赤ワイン サンジョベーゼ・グロッソ、シラー、メルロ、カベルネ・ソーヴィニヨン

Paolo e Noemia D’Amico
Calanchi di Vaiano IGP 2017 750ml 白ワイン シャルドネ
Seiano Bianco IGP 2018 750ml 7白ワイン グレケット、ソーヴィニヨン・ブラン
Seiano Rosso IGP 2018 750ml 赤ワイン メルロ、シラー

Azienda Agricola Fiorentino
Taurasi DOCG 2014 750ml 赤ワイン アリアニコ
Celsì Irpinia Aglianico DOC 2014 750ml 赤ワイン アリアニコ

Cantine Spelonga
Extrema Puglia IGP 2018 750ml 白ワイン ファランギーナ
Marilina Rosé Puglia IGP 2018 750ml ロゼワイン ネーロ・ディ・トロイア

La Botticella
Gilea Rosso DOC 2017 750ml 赤ワイン ネロ・ダーヴォラ
Grillo Amir DOC 2018 750ml 白ワイン グリッロ