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Bodegas Ruiz de Viñaspre


Ruiz de Viñaspre winery, settled in Laguardia (Rioja Alavesa), is housed within an avant-garde building located at the foot of the Cantabria´s mountains. The building has an unbeatable view to Ebro´s valley and to the beautiful Demanda´s mountains. It is equipped with the most advanced techonology in wine practices which allows them to control the process at anytime, from the elaboration to the bottling of the wine. The winery has 36 tanks with different capacities from 50.000 litres to 300 litres. They are made of steel and French oak wood which allows them to work with the wine precisely in quantity, mini vinification and quality. The control of the temperature is exact. The cold system utilizes the latest technology as well as the Ganimede´s system with some of the steel tanks, allowing the extraction of scent and colour until their maximum expression. The winery has it is own laboratory where they can analyse all of the elaboration and aging process as well as the monitoring of it´s 580 barrels made of French and American oak. We can´t forget that Ruiz de Viñaspre is always faithful to Rioja Alavesa´s procedures. The philosophy of this project is to elaborate wine of the highest quality, consistently improving the approach used until now for the most classics of Rioja and also for those directed to horeca´s sector, wine cellars and so on. To ensure this we have built a strong team who combine experience with youth in this current winemaking world.


+34 945600626
Camino de la Hoya, s/n LAGUARDIA 01300


Ruiz de Viñaspre Young White Wine 2014 750ml 白ワイン ビウラ
Ruiz de Viñaspre Crianza Red Wine 2012 750ml 赤ワイン テンプラニーリョ
Ruiz de Viñaspre Reserva Red Wine 2007 750ml 赤ワイン テンプラニーリョ
Ruiz de Viñaspre Gran Reserva Red Wine 2007 750ml 赤ワイン テンプラニーリョ
RV Tinto Vendimia Seleccionada 2008 750ml 赤ワイン テンプラニーリョ